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Information from Uruma City

On 1 April 2005, Gushikawa City, famous for its bullfights; Ishikawa City, the starting point of recovery after the war; Katsuren Town, famous for its Katsuren Castle site; and Yonashiro Town, a mecca of marine sports; incorporated to become Uruma City, located on the central eastern coast of Okinawa. The newly established city is a pleasant metropolis, richly nurtured by both nature and traditional culture.

The original two cities and the two towns had continued their community development, and, at the same time, had associated themselves with garbage processing, school education, and firefighting administration. Territorial bonding and kin relations exchange was also well practiced. These characteristics allowed for ease in unification to form the new Uruma City.

Blessed with rich natural resources, Uruma City ranks high in agricultural and fishery production. It produces the most mozuku seaweed in Japan. It is the country-designated production center for Tsuken Ninjin (carrots). “Nuchi-masu” (“salt of life”) from the mineral-rich seawater and Yamashiro-cha (tea) are also produced. Precious historic inheritance and cultural assets such as the Katsuren Castle, which is a world cultural heritage site, and bullfighting are located in Uruma City. Also, traditional entertainments such as “eisah” and “Shi-Shi-Mai” dances are still performed.


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